Easy Pickens Antiques

The best home painters are yours for the taking.

Easy Pickens Antiques has gathered thousands of unique antiques from different collectors, personal owners, restaurants, and museums. It is our goal to connect collectors and customers so you can find the nostalgic piece you've been looking for from you or your parents younger years.

Browse our site to get ideas on how to incorporate timeless pieces to be a focal point in a room. Also read some of our enchanting stories from friends of our site that found beautiful antique pieces in some of the most unexpected places. Keep a keen eye anytime you clear out an elderly relative's storage, go through a rental storage space, or even visit the dusty section of a thrift store. Sometimes, a wet rag and little muscle can turn a dusty old sculpture into a beautiful, vintage table centerpiece.

Experience the CULTURE from years past with antique clocks, globes, music boxes, and other artfully crafted items.